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Are you ready to fall unapologetically in love with you? 


You are an effing unicorn. You are bold, strong, beautiful, and worthy. Stop letting the social constructs and contracts of the world dictate your level of fulfillment. Step into your truth, create the life of your dreams by falling in love with yourself. 

I help Q+ rock stars stop struggling to create the life and relationships of their dreams through radical self-confidence. 

Do you know the statistics on the mental health of the Q+ community? They are not pretty. And it just gets worse when you consider the experiences of Q+ folx that have multiple marginalized identities. Black trans women, for instance, are probably the most vulnerable in our society. 


We are raised in a world not designed for us, so we always feel like we are getting it wrong. And, no matter how many advancements toward equality there are, sometimes we feel on top of the world, and other times we can't even peel ourselves off the floor. 

You can feel brave and empowered, and the next second full of doubt and insecurity. That is because the messages of society have gotten in your head. And the only way to fix it is to do the work from the inside out. 

Does this sound like you? 

You don't go after your dreams because you are afraid of failure. 

 You strive to keep up the appearance that you have it all together, but you are falling apart inside. 


You are never satisfied when you look in the mirror. You're too tall, thin, femme, ethnic, masc, hairy, or smooth. 


You look to relationships to feel fulfilled but always end up dissatisfied. 


You base your worth on your achievements, and not just that you have intrinsic value as a human. 

So then what......

To feel better, you turn to exercise, alcohol, or sex, but that is only temporary. That is because nothing outside of you can change the way you feel inside. You have tried all the self-help and therapy, watched every episode of Oprah, and hang affirmations on your bathroom mirror, but you still feel exactly the same. And it's not good. But don't worry. I have your back. 

Become a badass self-confident force of nature.